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Sincerely is committed to contribute to the environmental well being, hence forth
We have invested substantial amount of capital in our wastewater treatment plant in order act to conserve the water effluent

Apart from that, We have converted also our Boilers to 100% Biomass and so they are eco friendly

The boiler utilizes empty fruit bunch (EFB) palm oil fibers
and Kernel shells as fuel feed .

EFB and kernel shells are the By products of the extraction of crude palm oil.

Compared to the traditional fossil fuels such as coal, these green, eco friendly EFB palm oil waste are a source of fuel for renewable energy (RE) and they could reduce a substantial amount of CO2 or carbon dioxide.

Most of the power plants in Malaysia are many towards using more biomass and reducing coal consumption

*According to “Sarawak Energy”, for a typical 10mw EFB power plant, with 7884 hours of operation per annum, the total coal shall be replaced is estimated at 52,560 tons/ year with 118,260 tons of CO2 could be avoided.

The benefits of reducing CO2 emission by replacing cod with biomass are contributing to the feasibility of implementation of the project


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